Trading With EazyBot Through Coinbase Pro

Trading With EazyBot Through Coinbase Pro

How To Start Trading With EazyBot Through Coinbase Pro

Once you have funded your Coinbase Pro account with USDT ERC20 or USDC ERC20 (for those who can not have USDT ERC20) and API is connected

From Dashboard/Home

Click 2 line at the top left (top middle on phone)

Click Bot Management

Click Bots

Click the + sign on Add New

Title it could be whatever you like

- for example the coin you are going to trade and the exchange you are using BTC Coinbase Pro

- or BTC Binance if you are trading on multiple exchanges 

Use Default Configuration is preselected

- For experienced traders, you can choose to unselect to change strategy and parameters

Select Exchange

Select Coin

- for example BTC

Enter amount you would like to trade in Balance

- the recommended amount to start a trade is $600 to optimize the default strategy

Auto Compounding is preselected

Initial Order is automatically calculated 

Click Save

Click Here To Register With EazyBot