About EazyBot

About EazyBot, Crypto Trading Bot

EazyBot is the latest, easiest to use and most profitable AI crypto trading robot in the world. EazyBot is the best Crypto Trading Robot today as the creators have removed all the niggly problems that users of a successful and very popular crypto trading had!

EazyBot Bot is a super intelligent app that executes atomized operations and monitored in real time through algorithms of big data, adjusting itself by market conditions 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. It was created by users of a really good and popular crypto trading bot that had a few deficiencies. The creators fixed the issues that people had with this other bot such that now we have the best crypto trading bot on the planet with EazyBot!

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Whether you're looking for the best crypto trading bot for beginners or you're an experienced crypto trader looking for customizable crypto bot trading that allows you to implement your own crypto trading strategies, either way you're in the right place.

AI crypto trading software allows for automated crypto trading with optimized pre-configured settings for beginners. However, more advanced users can setup multiple crypto trading configurations on numerous crypto coins and be more hands on with their cryptocurrency trading bot.

EazyBot crypto trading bot uses USDT as the base currency and support multiple crypto exchanges. You can run it as a Binance trading bot, a Coinbase trading bot and a Huobi trading bot at the same time. The Eazy Bot crypto auto trading bot can also be used as a kraken trading bot with more crypto exchanges on the way.

Eazy Bot uses crypto spot trading and the crypto trading strategies used include cost averaging, crypto scalping strategy and an enhanced form of crypto grid trading. The EazyBot crypto software has market crash correction which is a powerful crypto trading bot strategy as it can handle a 70% drop of the crypto market and it will still make a profit without the market having to return to the price of the initial order.

The EazyBot crypto trading bot also has an auto-compounding feature to enhance its crypto trading automation and take advantage of the power of compound interest to grow your trading capital, which takes it's crypto auto trading functionality to the next level.

The EazyBot software for crypto trading prides itself on 24/7 customer support, community support, multiple live weekly zoom training calls and access to the best crypto trading software developer, making it an ideal crypto bot for beginners who need guidance and training.

The EazyBot robot has 3 level trading annual fees namely FREE, $250 and $995 (VIP). The VIP EazyBot crypto trading software license includes concierge support and all available crypto coins and crypto exchanges.
EazyBot Compensation Plan

The EazyBot Crypto Trading Bot Compensation Plan:

EazyBot compensation plan instruction is easy to understand and fair. The compensation plan structure, ranks, fast start bonuses, check matching bonus, revenue share pools and trading bot crypto performance fee payout are all included.

EazyBot Advantages:

Quantitative System

The EazyBot quantitative system adopts a fusion of multistrategies and multi-tech with a Smart quantitative mechanism. The user only needs to connect either Binance, Kraken, Coinbase or Huobi API's, select the crypto coin of its choice and a single click to start up.

EazyBot Never Stores Your Assets

You keep all your portfolio in your Binance wallet or Huobi and EazyBot has only permission to execute orders and margin calls through a secure API integrated between the Exchange and the EazyBot app. Therefore, your assets can be withdrawn immediately anytime you judge adequate.

Gain Speed In Your Trading With EazyBot Bot

Real-time strategy According to the different styles of users, one can adjust the real-time operation strategy, EazyBot will take you through the bull and the bear.

How To Start In 3 Simple Steps

Step 1: Register FREE.

Get a referral link, fill in the information and create your free registration.

Step 2: Download EazyBot App.

Go to the Google or Apple download store and download the app for free.

Step 3: Activate Your VIP Account

Transfer $250 USDT TRC20 to your account to activate your account to use high level strategies of the EazyBot app for a full year.

With, EazyBot you could even to trade without initial payment although your bot fee would be 30% of your profits instead of the usual 20% for paid users. There is really now no excuse for anyone not to start crypto trading.

Ways To Profit From EazyBot

i) Connect EazyBot App to your exchange and enjoy the speed of trading.
ii) Share EazyBot with your friends, create an affiliate network and get the benefits.

i) Connect The EazyBot App To Your Account On The Binance, Kraken, Coinbase And Houbi Exchanges

You'll have an amazing experience with the EazyBot app, an intelligent software that was developed for you to take charge of your decisions, you can choose your portfolio, create your strategy, edit your setup at any time, and you can also follow the strategy of one of the several professionals in our Social Network of Traders from all over the World.

ii) Use And Share

Become an advisor for new affiliates, teach how to use app EazyBot and get rewarded with an excellent compensation plan. Get ahead, create your affiliate team and get incredible bonuses.


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